What We Do?

Chilton’s Artisan Foods produces high quality hand-crafted gourmet foods and savoury dishes. This family-owned business serves its products to discerning corporate clientele and ‘foodies’ in Melbourne.

The Managing Director of Chilton’s Artisan Foods, Dr. Phillip Marzella, has a long family history in gourmet and connoisseur handcrafted foods. His grandfather was the only baker in a small Italian town, baking bread during the night to feed young partisans during WWII. His grandmother – an accomplished pasta maker – during the day would serve freshly made pasta to war orphans. His love for great food served with love followed him.

When Phillip came to Australia in the early 80’s, his first part-time job as a fifteen year old was working with the late Piero Brunetti, founder of the Brunetti cakes store in Lygon Street Melbourne. In addition to his love for gourmet foods, he has a background in science, holding a PhD from The University of Melbourne. Prior to his current role as Managing Director of Chilton’s Artisan Foods, Dr. Marzella was Chief Executive Officer of Horizon 21, Chief Operating Officer of the O’Brien Institute, Chief Executive Officer of the O’Brien Foundation, and Board Director of Neopec Pty Ltd. Even though he went through his studies and a different career path, his love for food drew him back.

His goal is to bring the Australian gourmet food eating experience to the world. By using raw materials and produce from the best suppliers in Victoria, Chilton’s is able to deliver fresh every day. Artisans with years of experience make and bake a vast menu of over 250 unique flavours in a state-of-the-art, HACCP-certified facility. Nothing is left to chance as every detail is crafted.

Our gourmet pies, rolls and quiches are what we’re mainly known for but we offer many other baked goods such as filo pastries, frittatas, cakes, slices and cookies. We serve three main sectors, foodservice, caterers, cafes and retail stockists such as supermarkets and gourmet delicatessens. We support small and large businesses alike. We would like to believe our customers are gourmet eaters and fine cuisine aficionados.

Our customer service is second to none and our foods are award winning. We are dedicated to fresh produce and menus delivered with care and attention of artisan’s craft. We are our fiercest critics and we always challenge ourselves to surpass expectations. Ultimately, we want to be known for bringing the freshest and finest of traditional Australian food to your door.

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